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I was lucky enough to get in on the initial batch of these, and mine arrived around a week ago.

I'm quite thrilled with it, and feel quite lucky to have both the soundplane and this instrument.

Why the connection in my mind? The polygamist has a VERY nice ribbon controller that can control both parameters on the synth itself, and also sends out midi. The feel is really nice (I've never played a ribbon controller that was this responsive. Perhaps they exist).

both the soundplane and this are geared towards more experimental type music/playing, I think. And both Aalto and the polygamist are oriented towards less traditional synth sounds, and more towards experimentation, I think.

In any case - just a recommendation to check this thing out. It looks great too - nicer in person than in the photos I saw. Of course, some people don't like how it looks....I really enjoy sitting down and playing with it.

I really like how it looks actually. I like that guy's business and philosophy too - been wanting a Moisturizer for a long time.

Haven't been able to find much in the way of recordings or demos of the Polygamist - have you made any?

Too old of a thread to revive?

I’ve just been checking out the thread on Muff’s—the design of this device is quite tasty.