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i have the full version of aalto, just got the cm version of aalto
so i was wondering if maybe there's a new version of aalto coming soon?

There’s probably no reason to use the CM Aalto if you already have the full version. If you want a mono version just set the # of voices to 1!

There’s an Aalto 2 coming, but not for at least a couple of months. There will be a 1.4 before that.

Yesss !

Aalto 2?!?!?!


Serious thanks for all of your work, Randy.

Will Aalto 2 be discounted for Aalto owners?

Of course!

Any teasers for what kind of updates there will be in the Aalto 2? Or do we talk about an alltogether new Aalto?

An entirely new Aalto would just be something else. No, this will be much like the existing version, but with lots of the features people have been asking for. I'm not even sure which ones will make the cut yet so no teasers.

YAY!!! Just got the email about Aalto 2...I'm so pumped! Looking forward to the release! Will you send out another email blast when you've come up with the pricing?

cool. really looking forward to aalto 2!

not sure if this is on the radar or not randy, but i'd really like to see the sequencer quantizer expanded. do you know the intellijel uscale module? it's a really intuitive eurorack quantizer that you can feed just about anything into and get harmonically interrelated notes out of. i think it would be a great fit with the aalto quantizer...

Yes, more details will be announced when I figure them out.

I'm going to add to the sequencer a little bit for Aalto 2. I'll check the intellijel info, thanks.

Is Aalto 2 and update, or an upgrade? Thanks :)

I don't know what that question means!

Woops. I meant... is Aalto 2 a free update ... or do you pay?

From my experience with the Buchla 200e, the Source of Uncertainty is quite a magical module. Expanding the LFO section and maybe even adding more to the "randomness" could be very interesting.

Aalto 2 will be a paid upgrade.

I don’t think I’ll be adding any new modules, but the LFO will almost certainly get some attention.

may as well get these wishes in now, then!

  • use one of the oscs as an lfo
  • use one of the oscs as an ext input
  • open up the main output to modulation (post verb/delay etc)
  • all inlets have a second default setting as a input doubler
  • more control over reverb, mono reverb option
  • signal flow switch (osc>verb>delay>out ?)

will add more when back on Aalto :)

looking forward to the upcoming updates.

i'm finding the cm version of aalto pretty handy cos i can run quickly through all the patches i've made with the full version and they sound sometimes better as a single voice patch.

@randy: For AALTO2, you should consider turning the LFO into a make noise inspired FUNCTION generator, with A/R mode, A/S/R mode, and finally cycle mode, with Rise and Fall settings and a knob for changing the curve from logarithmic, to linear, to exponential.

More info:

I've been working on sound set for the Beat mag version, it should be finished, in mid June. I'm certainly, looking forward to seeing the full 2nd version :)

The Beat(mono) edition, is great, thanks Randy!

I can't express how glad I am that I found Aalto!!! I got the cm version!!!! so I am seriously thinking about buying it,but I think I will wait for V2 :)

everytime I use it ====> so much fun!!!!
thank you!!!

I'm also waiting for V2 but I want Aalto so bad it hurts. I got the Beat version with one voice and it totally rocks. It has character that stands out and the gui makes it easy to create animated, living patches.

Now that you've informally announced V.2, Any chance of an "amnesty period" for V.1 buyers as of a certain date, so we get V.2 when it's released?

I can't express how glad I am that I found Aalto!!!

Thanks for saying so!

Now that you've informally announced V.2, Any chance of an "amnesty period" for V.1 buyers as of a certain date, so we get V.2 when it's released?

Well, that makes sense. I suppose this period would be a month or so before the release. I have another plugin to get done first so we’re not quite there yet!

We are just talking about roughly a $20 upgrade for existing Aalto owners.

"I have another plugin to get done first so we’re not quite there yet!"

I'd love to hear about it!!!!what kind of plugin?

It’s great sounding physical modeling made easy with an Aalto-style UI. Coming this summer!

"physical modeling made easy with an Aalto-style UI"

+1 for more complex modulation/sequencing. Another +1 for the idea of "melodic quantization".

Aalto is perfect for that "sonic accident"-stuff Richard Devine talks about. With more modulation/sequencing options, it's possible to make whole tracks with a instance of Aalto or two as a backbone. Forcing some of that randomness into a scale in frequencies would make it even easier to glue it together with other melodic parts.

I think a lot of the stuff i want from Aalto, might already be there. I just haven't learned to use it properly yet :) But still, thinking about stuff like the legendary source of uncertainty, the eurorack-world, complex sequencing/modulation, harmonic quantization etc, makes me dream of even better plugins.

New Madrona Labs-stuff is definitely in my cart!

This is good news. Having begun using Aalto less than a week ago, I can already say that this is really the first soft syth that works for me. I was a Buchla user in the mid-70s and have missed some of the features that well on display here. One thing I'd love to see in a future upgrade is connectivity, the ability to send and receive data and/or control voltages between Aalto and hardware.

Anyone heard anything on 1.4 or version 2? I'm excited...can't wait!

Well I'm working mostly on the new plugin here. Aalto 1.4 is a collection of various improvements will come out some time this summer. Mostly compatibility and stability work, no big new features. My plan is that Aalto 2 will come out in Fall sometime.

How about being able to slice up the sequencer? A lot of times it's too many total steps. 32 or even staying with 16 total would be fine, but let us sub divide them down into smaller chunks that could modulate each other. Maybe a tab system?

I'd dig stuff like track/sample and hold and envelope followers. Audio inputs on the sequencer (graphic VCO) and more points of audio out to route back in. I'd love to send the reverb and filtered sound back into the waveguide and also use them as control sources. Multiple waveguides....

Or maybe as features for hyökyaalto, tulva, pulahtaa, etc. Ha! I'm a fan of the simplicity of Aalto, so don't listen to me. Don't get me wrong I'd love a cracked out version, but then it's not Aalto.