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Hey Randy,

Was playinig with Virta tonight in Ableton Live 9 and noticed a high amount of zipper artifacts are introduced into the audio when you automate the oscillator levels. Try using the LFO MIDI from M4L as a test.

I tried the same automation with FM8 Osc levels by Native Instruments and didn't get the same artifacts.

Is there interpolation that could be added to fix this?

P.S. Really loving Virta!

I have just started sharing some music on my facebook page (trying to learn how to be more visible with my art).

Here's a quick and fun jam with all the Madrona software called "Run!". Planning on extending this and a few other jams for an EP or album later this year.


No! I missed it! Will there be another batch soon?

From my experience with the Buchla 200e, the Source of Uncertainty is quite a magical module. Expanding the LFO section and maybe even adding more to the "randomness" could be very interesting.

It's late where I'm at, but I wanted to show you what I'm doing real quick Randy. I made a really short (and bad) screen cast showing me use iOS Lemur with my iPhone controlling Aalto's Gate Decay with the UDPreceive object in Max. Is this true OSC or a conversion to MIDI?

Here's the vid:
There's no audio because I was too lazy to create a record buffer and sync it with the video. Sorry for the quality.

So does Aalto take OSC messages (0. - 1.) and convert them to MIDI (0-127) on its own? Because I send OSC messages with my iPad and receive them in Max/MSP via the udpreceive, and I can map it to Aalto just fine. I did notice some "zipper" noise on the filter cutoff when I controlled it at fast rates.

This is awesome! A while back I asked for a tap tempo feature for the sequencer, while that would still be cool I didn't know the sequencer rate knob was frequency based. AHHH SO EXCITED. Now I can add tempo presets to my max/lemur patch in the near future. :)

I have been building Aalto control templates for the last couple of months for live performance. A feature that I would like to see for the sequencer is a tap tempo control. It would help out immensely when I am jamming with other musicians. Currently I use Ableton's Tap tempo feature and set the sequencer to Host, but the sequencer only moves at 16th notes per beat and it would help a lot to be able to change the sequencers timing division relative to the host.

A few other things that people have suggested that I would like to reiterate include: MIDI preset control, 64-bit external input for the reverb, and OSC control.

I love this synth, and people call me an Aalto freak because every time someone mentions plugins I ask them if they have tried Aalto. Still the best $100 I have ever spent on a plugin. Thank you.

AU 1.26
Mac OSX 10.6.8
Ableton Live 8.3.3

My patch keeps disappearing in Ableton after writing automation in the MIDI clip.