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I don't know, if any one has posted this. Cool!


Hay guys, I'm having a blank moment, how do I use ENV 1 and 2? I cant seem to get them patched effectily.
I've read the part in the manual, but may be, I need to read it again? Thanks

New Presets! I've got 12 and a few more, in the works. Yay! :)

Randy! You so, rock dude! :)

Here are more sounds, sorry about the volume changes, still working on taming the beats. :) Loving it!

New .dll is great! Massive improvement in cpu on W8. And Kaivo preset are much more responsive and the volume is much better. Should be great for making presets. what about creating samples for Kaivo, should they be mono, etc. or does it matter?

Preset idea.


FOUND IT, Spell check/Proof reading, is always helpful. Sorry mates.

Ok, I seemed to have lost my mind. Made a few silly errors. Not building the Appdata directory correctly, I've done that and second, I've been using the x64 version of FL Studio and have got on to using the "real" aka x32 version of FLS, sorry, guys. Any way I have my system sorted and every thing seems good. All presets seem to play normally and I cam save fine. Now! To make some presets and demo audio. :) And the CPU is indeed, better with the latest beta. :)

Thanks, Randy. Hmm, strange indeed. My my desk top is core7(and about three years old) and my laptop is core5 but new, could be the new core5 is better then older core7, and it may have to do with, the core maker. Hmm, I'll keep working on my laptop, for now.

Ok, here is probably silly question. I've installed Kaivo on my W7 x64 machine and I keep getting the "Connection to this plugin was lost" in FLS11.
Here is a screen shot.
I've installed it as directed on my W8 X64 machine(which worked fine, on it) but it won't work on my W7 x64. I have tried creating folders for it in, appdata and documents folders, but it did not work. I'm sure I'm just missing something. Thanks :)


Just got the beta, thanks for having me, Randy :)
The Koto, Water Koto and Dulcimer, seem to be the only ones that work, indeed. Only things I've found so far, are mentioned in the email. I'm on a new W8 x64 laptop(Asus-Core i5 4 GIG RAM). I have not run Kaivo on W7 X64 (about 3 years old)(Core i7 6 GIG RAM)I will to night, thanks :)

Kaivo. The name is cool! Instrument or FX?

Thanks, tikitpok :)

Coming Soon!
Aaltonatural. A sound set for Madrona Labs' Aalto
Coming Soon! First w/o FX, second w/ IL's Maximus


Demo No.2

Will be 130 Sound, for $14 USD. Pre order now, for $9.50.

Scott AbstractCats

$14 After 11. Oct. 2013

Pre order from 30 Sept.- 10.Oct 2013, for $9.50!


NOTE: The pack will be sent on 11 Oct. 2013.

10 presets to try: http://abstractcats.org/AaltoNatural_AbstractCats.zip

Update: Available soon! See my thread on KVR.

I'll be doing a pre-order, as well. Intro price: $9.50 till the release date of 11 Oct. 2013. Thanks all :)


Sounds great! I was just looking at the Decibel website. Hopefully, there will be video. Also, saw that, Neon Indian is playing. Nice!

Hmmm, Maters, as we say in KY! And new Madrona synth, tasty! :)

I've been working on sound set for the Beat mag version, it should be finished, in mid June. I'm certainly, looking forward to seeing the full 2nd version :)

The Beat(mono) edition, is great, thanks Randy!