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As the title says, I am having trouble getting the pitch/mod/+1/+2 commands to do anything.

I'm not sure if this is user error or not.

First, let me clarify to make sure I am understanding this correctly...

if I set the mod dial in Aalto to 1, it should 'look' for MIDI CC on channel 1 and if I move my modwheel on my keyboard (assuming my modwheel is outputting on #1) aalto should respond to that. So, if I patch the mod to the Noise module for example and turn the modulation depth of that module to 100%, I should see the noise dial change when I move the mod wheel yes?

Also, the +1 and +2 refer to the MIDI CC channels above the mod channel and aalto will 'look' at those channels. So, if I have my mod dial set to 1, the +1 and +2 should be midi CC #2 and midi CC #3, yes?

and if I'm in ableton, I go into the clip envelopes for MIDI CTRL and put automation data into midi CC #2 and midi CC #3 and I hit play but none of these automation data do anything in aalto.

oh for fucks sake, I didn't have the track armed.

I just fixed it. I am a moron. Leaving this up for anyone else who has this issue.

Loving aalto, now even more that I can use all of its modulation abilities. Feeling very sheepish.

Yes, you're correct in your understanding of the mod +1, +2 stuff.

Thanks for leaving this up, and for a good laugh when I got to the end!