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I've been looking for any kind of documentation, and I'm not finding it.

I have a connection through soundplane via OSC. Kyma works immediately, but only to the x direction and pitch. Nothing else seems to work.....

I can choose t3d/con as a controller in the VCS, but then the value goes immediately to max, and playing has no effect.

I"ve heard that soundplane works well with Kyma, so I"m assuming there are some things that I should do to set it up better - where do I find this documentation?

With Kyma connected over OSC, you should see messages of the form
/key (touchID) (onoff) (note) (z) (y).

the /con messages are just polling whether the Soundplane is connected or not.

This is what I came up with after consulting with the Kyma folks. I'm not really familiar with using Kyma myself, so questions about how to actually use this data are best sent to Carla / Kurt.

You can also use Kyma over MIDI---y and z use MIDI CCs 74 and 11, respectively.

I'm sorry the docs suck right now. Now that I'm done building instruments for a little while I can do some much needed work on them.

I posted to the kyma forum. Over OSC, there seems to be some kind of default Kyma mapping, but default mappings are pretty useless. I could not find a way to successfully map x,y,pressure to Kyma parameters. The general instructions that they give for OSC don't seem to work (I only see the /con choice to map the VCS, for instance, and that very blatantly doesn't work.

Midi works very easily and well when the synth allows you to map the incoming controller events. But most don't, so it's rather a pain.

I would follow up with Symbolic because I did what they asked me to do as far as OSC output, and they told me it was working.

Did you look at this Kyma documentation?

I think I saw that one, but I have no idea how to use that information.

I haven't tried mapping OSC messages from the soundplane to a VCS control but all standard Kyma note event values seemed to be responding as expected in the quick test I did yesterday (soundplane client 0.992 and the latest Kyma version)

X (left/right) => !KeyPitch (or !Pitch),
Y (front/back) => !KeyTimbre,
Z (pressure) => !ChannelPressure (I thought this was working but didn't thoroughly check)

The above matches the behavior of a Continuum Fingerboard + Kyma to the best of my memory. I didn't happen to check if !KeyVelocity was getting set to some approximation of initial force...

I do particularly like how the soundplane clients "touches" parameter automatically updated to whatever number of voices one had set in a MIDIVoice sound.