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Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone else here is fiddling around with SuperCollider and the Soundplane?

Just in case anyone is interested, I've thrown together a little Soundplane class to make it easier to get to making noise with the Soundplane in SC3. It's a very simple class that basically just creates some OSCFuncs and instantiates/manages instantiation of synths to respond to soundplane touches.

Currently it's using static voices gated by the 'Alive' message. I'm trying to get dynamic synth spawning based upon new touches, but so far that's proving difficult to do reliably.

Any input from other folks is welcome. I'm a newbie to SuperCollider and programming, so I'm sure there's tons that could be done more intelligently, efficiently, etc.

There's a default synth in the class that is just a saw wave passed through a resonant low-pass filter (cut-off mapped to y), so if you are just curious you should be able to make noise if you install the class, boot the server and evaluate:

p =


Thanks much for sharing-- I haven't had time to mess with SC though.