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Hello There

I would like to know if anyboy knows how to do the math between Rate and BPM and also BPM to Rate ?

I obviously already know that you can use the a clock from an external source such as a DAW, but I really don´t like to do that, I feel way more creative when I use the rate knob freely rather than be restricted by the DAW tempo

You can solve any problem like this with unit cancellation.

you have: (beats / minute)
you want: Hz (beats / second)

(beats / minute) * (1 minute / 60 seconds) = (beats / second)
In other words divide by 60.

Thx a lot Randy, soon I get home I will try to apply this in my own compositions


So just to see if I get this straight, dividing a 120 BPM, you get 2,then divive again by 4 getting 0,5 Hz since BPM representes quarter notes, is that right ?

PS: So next time is just divide 120 by 240 to get 0,5Hz straight

Here is a very helpful chart that Mike Perkowitz made many moons ago:

So for Aalto, scan down to your bpm on the right and then over to the hz value you need to be in sync. The math isn't hard as Randy illustrated but this chart is also handy for other things like quickly finding delay times and you can print out a version to keep in the studio for use when you not using the computer (people still do that?)

This is awesome! A while back I asked for a tap tempo feature for the sequencer, while that would still be cool I didn't know the sequencer rate knob was frequency based. AHHH SO EXCITED. Now I can add tempo presets to my max/lemur patch in the near future. :)