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finally upgraded to the latest version of Aalto (thanks for the prompt assistance there, Randy) & wondering a couple of things:

  1. Am I right in thinking the reverb sounds quite different (not as dark, maybe)? Don;t remember reading anything to that effect on the forum. It's beauty, either way.

  2. A little confused with changes to knob behaviour (using apple's 'magic mouse'). In the previous version I could shift-click for fine-adustments. Now all the knobs with a large range of values ie. filter cutoff only move in very small increments - scrolling faster doesn't speed it up as the manual suggests. I guess it's just this mouse :( Any suggestions?



Not sure about the reverb changing-- if so, not on purpose.

I use magic mouse all the time too. The trick is to find a balance between controllers like magic mouse that put out many many mousewheel 'clicks,' and other mice that just put out one per click. Unfortunately (and this hurts me too) I had to decide that the other mice were much more common. I will look at this more in the future.

yeah I thought it might be a case of not being able to please everyone, fair enough :)

re: reverb - it does seem brighter, but the tail is way longer. i don't have a soundcloud or anything to post a comparison, but as an example, here ( is audio of a patch i put up on a while ago - if you load this patch in 1.2.6 (at least for me) you can hear the difference clearly. not a complaint though, just interesting - i like (lots of) reverb...