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I have heard from one Max / MSP user that it's OK. But other than that I don't know. I'll post as soon as I hear something or get a Lion machine and try it myself.

A user with Lion and Maschine wrote in to say it's working well.

I have run into one issue. In Lion Apple has removed access to the user Library. I guess its part of their ultimate plan to take over the world. I can get into the System Library by shift/command 'g' entering /Library/ but the presets in there are only the basic Madrona Lab presets. No user presets.

Does anyone know how I can get into the user preset folder so I can create new files etc?


Thanks Valery for the workaround. I'm going to investigate a built-in solution for 1.3.

Speaking of user patches location: I'm pretty sure there should be a way to specify (change) the folder where user patches are stored. Mainly I need this to share (synchronize) user patches between two or more machines where Aalto is installed. If I specify Dropbox folder as a user patches location this location becomes available for all of the connected computers (Mac and PC) - this is very convenient.

I can name a SonicCharge (Magnus Lidström) plugins (uTonic and Synplant) as an example of plugins where user patches location is selectable: there is a Browse button for loading or saving your patches and the selected folder is just remembered for the next time making all the patches in this folder-tree visible in patch list.

When I force Finder to take me to /Library/. I look in Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs and find only the Madrona factory presets. None of the pre-installed User presets.

If I force Finder to take me to /Users/Me I don't see any Library there at all.

Am I missing something? I followed the instructions in that link when I first got Lion but I can't find the files.

Press Alt while pointing to the Go menu in Finder to see the link to your User Library.

Got it. Thanks a lot.

I'm very disappointed that Aalto still runs with too many clicks and pops and crashes on Lion with Logic Pro 9. Paying $99 for a software that hasn't seen updates in months… I really do hope there will be an update soon. I simply can't use it on any serious project because I never know if when I load the project Aalto will work or not.

hi @fernandolins,

I read that you had problems before but it looked like the 1.2.6 update fixed them.

I am working on a 1.3 update and will look at the issues with Lion.

You can help me by sending me a bug report with your current OS, Aalto Version and Logic version, and the steps to take that will cause the problem.

I'm sorry the speed of updates is not always very fast. As a single developer, I do what I can.