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Hi, have you had a chance to look into this at all? I am also running a setup with High Sierra, in a Mac that can not be upgraded, and would like to use my Aaltoverb in that setup...

Eagerly waiting for the update :) ... and hoping that you could include a way to move the dials with any MIDI CC !!

(Also, if someone has developed a snappy way to do that with some other tools, please post an example somewhere :) ! )

I think the power and opportunities of both Virta and Kaivo are hard to understand when you are a beginner, and video demos and some more tutorial oriented patches that demonstrate a key feature and can be easily tweaked interestingly would really help to imagine what one can do. Now many of the presets are very interesting but at the same time very obscure - it is hard for a beginner to understand what has been done and how they work.

Yes, please make a tutorial series of Kaivo and Virta as well :)! I believe it would work not only as a guide for owners but also as great marketing boost, if people are able to test the demos more fruitfully with the help of the tutorials. Especially demonstrations of the effects on the video are useful.