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Also ran into an issue with Ableton 11 on Windows 10 not seeing the plugin after running the installer. Turns out though if I move aaltoverb-vst.vst3 out of the installed folder ../Common Files/VST3/Aaltoverb/ and then directly under the /Common Files/VST3 folder, Ableton detects the plugin (Madrona folder shows up under plugins/VST3 in Ableton) and the plugin runs without any issue. So it looks as though Ableton is unhappy with the directory structure that the installer creates vs something being wrong with the vst3 build itself.

Big thanks for the free update to 2.0 and really liking the floating menus!

Ableton Live 10.1.9

Windows 10 x64


If I turn loop off on the sequencer, no matter what I send into reset the trigger does not work. Specifically for KEY->gate, I see the gate output light up but the sequencer does not restart. This is true for both int and host modes. As soon as I turn loop back on sequencer loops as normal.

The envelope 1 and 2 triggers work as normal.

Thank you for fixing this and congrats on getting version 1.9.4 out!

No worries at all! Thanks for your continued effort, looking forward to the fix.

Thanks! I've started digging into Kaivo more lately and noticed the issue while reading thru the manual and testing out all of the functionality.

The other thing I've noticed with the sequencer is that while program changes work, sometimes lag in the daw affects the offset position of the voices.

Feature request: Add profiles (presets?) to the sequencer so we can switch between patterns without having to do a full program change. Then I can cycle over beat patterns using the vox output, letting me sequence separate beat patterns per voice. Would be awesome :).

Note you can sorta do this using the offset signal input combined with the steps input, but control over the patterns isn't as intuitive as directly setting them would be.

Just recently picked up Kaivo and it's magical so far, however it can become rather CPU intensive and there doesn't appear to be a way to turn the plugin off without deleting it from the Ableton track. Even after disabling the track in Ableton Kaivo is still consuming CPU. So, any chance of adding an on/off switch so I can leave it dormant on a Live set without it consuming CPU?

Never mind, I'm dumb, got a wee bit distracted experimenting with Kaivo and forgot how Ableton works... I can just turn off the device. Feel free to delete this or leave it up for your amusement as desired :). At least I went with the right username.