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I'm just curious where the installer on windows is actually putting the vst file? I found the presets by doing a search for aalto on my drive but Reaper isn't picking up the plugin. Weird.

It looks very inspiring. Wow.

The more the merrier :)

Hi. just updated my version of Kaivo to 1.9.2.
I noticed a bug that was not occurring before I updated it to the latest version.

When I load Kaivo the visual graphic for the sample in the granulator does not appear. When I load a new sample, the graphic appears. When I minimize or change what is on the screen and then return to Kaivo, the sample graphic has vanished again.
The problem occurs every time I load or bring up Kaivo.

DAW is Reaper v5.984 64 bit.
OS is Windows 10 Home version 10.0.17763 Build 17763.
I am using the 64 bit version of Kaivo.

I have not noticed any other issues.

I have to add using Kaivo really has been paradigm-shifting.
I was trying to record the sound of myself tapping the body of my electric guitar, but it never sounded quite right once recorded so I was able to Kaivo for it instead which worked perfectly.

Working perfectly as of the latest update 1.9.4.