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I saw the DATABROTH video. SUMU is an extraordinarily versatile synth!
I want to be a "Randy, I believe you will Finnish :joy: pre-registrant".

Also, is there any chance VUTU could be made for the Luddite Mac 10.13.6 world?
Understanding extended.


Re: 10.13.
Thank you Randy.

Looking forward to Sumu beta.
Will it be able to run on mac OS 10.13?

Correct. CC does not work on Aaltoverb in DP.
But Aalto will receive CC in DP..
Thanks for sticking with me on this.

:) D

Good Afternoon Randy,
Au is fixed!

On both of my controllers
CC works in Live 10 for D-16 Lush 101, KV331 SynthMaster.
& DP9.51 for Roli Cypher, BassStation and Aalto

Should I just reinstall Aaltoverb?

Thanks again.

Hey Randy, Just downloaded and installed 2.0.1
It show’s up as a vst3 and everything works nicely but CC, can’t get it to respond to my knobs and sliders. It doesn’t show up as an AU anymore as well.

Using LIVE 10. The altoverb.component file is in the correct plugin’s folder and I have option RESCANED all plugins. Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

Thanks, David

PS. The interface and LFO madness that can now be interjected is super-boss!

Like a good wine my friend. :wink:

Is 64 partials using the parallel side of the Intel processor?
Like Fathom Synth or Spectrasonics material?

Either way, I love your work and look forward to both SUMU and Altoverb 2.

All plugins for this piece are Madrona Labs.
Aalto / Kaivo / Virta vst's, hence Madrona III. But then decided to swap out a Live Convolution Reverb for the Aaltoverb. Didn’t want to change the III to a IV.

Thanks Randy for cool tools.

It was fun!

Hey Randy,

This is the year to get all 4 licenses!! I missed it last year. I've spent a lot of time with all 3 of the synth softwares plugins and made quite a few really cool sound samples out of all the tweeks and bends.

I love the boutique feel of your work and I am looking forward to being able to go full tilt without the soothing sound waves. lol

Thank you for using the vision you've been given to inspire vision in others!

:) D