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Would also love to see MTS-ESP implemented in (all) Madrona Labs plugins.

I am using Surge, TAL sampler, OPS7 and Unfiltered Audio Lion that are supporting MTS-ESP natively.

The plugins differ in their MTS-ESP (implementation) behavior.

Surge and TAL sampler can be tuned dynamically. That means that they also process tuning information updates via MTS-ESP while resp. after a note is pressed.
I love the effect of morphing dynamically between two tunings.

Unfortunately OPS7 and Unfiltered Audio Lion only evaluate the tuning information at a note on event. I hope they will "fix" that in the future.

So Madrona Labs, if you are really going to implement MTS-ESP which I would be really excited about, I would like to see the implementation to be as in Surge and TAL sampler. If that would be the case, I would be absolutely excited about.

Best regards and keep up the great work.