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Hey, I think I found a bug.

I'm using Aalto version 1.8.2, Reaper v5.70/64, a Mac, Roli's Seaboard Rise 49 as a MPE controller, and Aalto in MPE mode.

When I have multiple voices enabled in Aalto (2,3,4), it sometimes acts as if there is only one voice enabled, but only for two certain keys. So when playing a second note after holding a preceding one, the preceding one is silenced when the second plays - even though multiple voices are enabled and this is not a problem for other note combinations.

I don't have this problem if Aaltos input protocol is set to MIDI

For example, two octaves above middle C, I can't play an A note and the E note above it together.

I hope there's a fix! Thanks!

Any update on this bug?

Thanks for the reply Stephen but that wasn't the problem for me.

I don't seem to have this issue with other MPE-capable synths, and it is the same when I launched everything again. I tried it on a PC and I have the same problem too.