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I'm new to both Madrona Labs and MPE and it appears there's not a great deal of info out there about their relationship—so here's a thread to formally address the topic.

When controlling Aalto with a Linnstrument in Reaper I found that voices were being selected seemingly at random, often with notes coming into conflict as Aalto was assigning two notes to the same voice. Interesting dissonance but not what I wanted.

The Linnstrument was set to send on more channels than there are voices in Aalto and by finding which channels Aalto responds to, and limiting the Linnstrument's sends to those, Aalto is now playing in a predictable fashion.

In MPE mode it appears that Aalto responds to midi channels 2,3,4 and 5.

It seems that you need to match the number of voices selected in Aalto to the number of channels sent from the Linnstrument. So, for 2 voices in Aalto, set the Linnstrument to channels 2 and 3, then add the remains channels as your number of voices increases.

Is there a way to change which channels Aalto responds to?

Same thing happening to me today in Reaper 5.70/64. High Sierra 10.13.2, 3.1 GHz Intel i5.

Sine and other simple waveforms work fine but any change to the sample away from these and the sound cuts out.

Midi lights show input—oscilloscope show nothing.

Anything but 'none' in the Resonator or Body section causes an initial POP then sound cuts out from all tracks in Reaper.

————And now it's working.


So, I suppose, if you search on these symptoms and get this thread, give it a minute, begin posting an inquiry and then it should work. Simple fix.

Oh Joy! Oh Bliss!

Reseting the buffer as per your instruction has healed it!

Many many many thanks!

New behavior—along with notes sticking, with the most recent updates (Aalto and Reaper) notes have begun not triggering.

If Aalto is in MPE and only one channel is used by the Linnstrument, notes don't stick, but notes randomly not playing occurs.

Add another channel and both sticking and not triggering occur.

I can't get it to replicate the behavior with the virtual keyboard in Reaper.

I've spent the last week working with Bitwig and haven't experienced any of these problems—but even after a week I still can't get (perhaps still don't understand how to get) Bitwig to do some routing that I easily do in Reaper, so I'd really prefer to use Madrona Labs products in Reaper.

Also, I've failed in figuring out what is meant by "fixed size buffers"—forgive the ineptness and please give another clue—?


Also happening in Kaivo.

Another bit of info—it appears to be different patch to patch. Your delicate clav patch seems to refuse to hang, but (contrary to my earlier post re. multiple voices not hanging at the same time) your mellow saw now hangs every voice.

All the patches I've made do it—face palm. I'll try some using the delicate clave as a starting point.

None of this was happening a week ago—perhaps the Reaper update did it?

Same problem—latest version of Reaper on an iMac (3.1 GHz Intel Core i5) with latest os. It happens with both MIDI and MIDI MPE using a Linnstrument. The note hangs until Aalto cycles back to the voice that is hanging.

I can't seem to find any particular pattern to the hanging—no one voice, no particular sequence to when it will hang. Two voices never hang at the same time.

For anyone interested in a 'less expensive' MPE controller this Kickstarter campaign ends in 9 days and is funded.

Ah! I had a feeling this would be the answer. After a little consideration I think I like it. Aalto is the first soft synth I've felt like I could 'bond' with and this 'limitation' helps me feel a little more at home in a digital paradigm.

The change from +1 and +2 hadn't registered yet—I'm still unfamiliar with the interface—but I see that now and it makes sense and stimulates the curiosity!

Thank you!

Here’s an example of the difference between MIDI and MIDI MPE for the patch I’m trying to work on (forgive me if I stumble with Markdown).


Essentially the same notes, same positions on the Linnstrument. Same Linnstrument settings.

I've created a patch in Aalto that sounds one way—the input protocol is 'MIDI'. I then change it to 'MIDI MPE' and, while it makes very interesting sounds, it sounds almost nothing like what the patch sounds like in 'MIDI'. Latest version of Aalto in the latest version of Reaper using a Linnstrument with the latest firmware. On an up-to-date iMac. Possibly a beginner question but I didn't find anything in the manual. Happy New Year!