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I'm not impatient for software updates, but how about some news from one of my favorite developers?

Randy, this is certainly three of the best gifts I'll receive this holiday season and LOVE that for those of us lucky enough to own all three of your amazing tools we'll have an exploring great time during our sonic Christmas.

Kaivo 1.2.1
Windows 10
Bitwig 1.3.13

I'm working on dual 4k monitors and nearly have to resize Kaivo to a much larger size, only problem is that next time I open Kaivo it hasn't remember the scale of my window. Sure would be a great new feature for me, same goes for my Surface Book that uses a very high resolution too.

So when I save a project with Kaivo in it and resized, next time I open it the interface is scaled the same. When I start a new project the interface defaults to its initial size.

I then tested the same thing in Renoise and get the same results. So maybe this is a 4K monitor thing?

I have an i7 4790 w/ Windows 10 and Bitwig, using Kaivo I have to up the buffers to 1024, normally I'm at 512. My audio interface is the Apollo Twin USB. With the buffers this high it minimizes the clipping, but not ideal. On my i7 Surface Book there are a lot of presets that do work, but something like Box of Chimes kills it :) Guess I'll just have to consider upgrading to one of Intel's 6000 series i7's sooner than I'd hoped for. Randy, you said something about a year ago about Kaivo going Multi-core, any news on that development?

I'm looking for some help on getting Aalto and Kaivo working with a Roli Seaboard and Bitwig. I'm not finding anything in the manuals relating to MPE?