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Any update on an 8 voice aalto?

Following up, I'm wondering if there's a similar trick to trigger the envs via external messages? (Is MIDI all I've got here? And in that case, using key events?)

EDIT: on second thought this is kind of an odd request. If I just want to trigger envelopes externally in order to modulate internal parameters, I may as well just have my modulators be external and just drive parameters directly via messages.

Sorry for continuing to muddy the waters!

Just confirmed that seq_offset does the trick for me.

Thanks again @avantronica!

Sorry for the confusion!

I meant progress on the general "syncing aalto w/ max" issue which to be clear, I take to not fall on your side of the fence at all @randy. @avantronica is spot on as to what I'm looking to do and it didn't occur to me to use a counter and call the steps in sequence. Great idea!

In that case, I'd be interested too an a fix to the N-1 playback issue too.

Cheers and thanks for the quick responses!

Pardon the necro bump but I can't help but ask if anyone has made any progress here in the meantime and sorry if there's an answer somewhere obvious I'm overlooking!

Randy is there any reason there's no way to trigger sequencer stepping via messages (e.g., seq_step?) Or maybe there is and I'm missing it?

Cheers and thanks in advance!

Just getting started and am curious if you've considered adding a trigger input to the sequencer module so that you can clock the sequencer from within your patch? (For example from the keyboard gate, LFO, or ENV.)

Loving Kaivo so far. Cheers!