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The words of soulfmedia arre absurd, i don´t know if more for generalists or terribly arrogant.

I have used hardware in the past, BEFORE of to buy my first ever computer, when i was 30 years old. Since then i play almost always Reason for my music projects.

I am not a sound designer. I am a musician. An electronic musician. It has a part of sound designer. But my sound is designed through the mix beyond that like isolated sounds.

Both are different works in the electronic music, which can be linked, more or less.

Experience tells me that the platform, aka instrument, to do music is the less important, however. The really important is the own music, and the musician making it knowing the best of his/her instrument.

In your arrogant generalization, despite that you have tried to hide the hate of your words with lies, there is the sickening ignorance of the hater.

In fact it should give equal to you if this instrument is made or not in RE format, because it shouldn´t be your problem. Since the moment in which it is a problem for you, i can see your failure. I think that you are not capable to do music with nor Reason or anything.

My theory is that there are many people unable to do anything musically or even artistically decent within Reason, and they use other platforms to their creations, and still doesn´t do anything worthy. But criticizing Reason, instead of leveraging your time doing something, relieve you of your own nothingness ...

Please, try to do more music, and to write less.