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when I reopen the project in live,virta can not sounds.it shows input sigal,but no frequency,then it will no sound in other preset too.only way is reload virta.

Win7 64bit,ableton live 9.6.virta 1.02.
need helo,thanks.

I am so exciting~Waitting for this for so long time and finally~~Thanks!!

Hi Randy,I just installed 1.01 successful.but the problem is still on 1.01.
thanks for fix it on the next upgrade:-)

thanks for your so quick reply Randy~
I said wrong,sorry.when I reopen prejet,virta no sound,but when I change preset,it will sounds,and then I change it back to the preset which I need,it's work.but when I open the project next time,it no sound agian.
I am run virta on buffer 128.and other buffer is the same.
other problem is :
I install the exe that you give me.virta still shows 1.02 and registed to me. I try to uninstall 1.02 and 1.01 ,after that I reinstall 1.01.Virta still shows 1.02 with registed.so I can not use 1.01 anymore.

Me too.Greeting from china.here is 29th now.can't sleep before it out~