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I see no mention of MPE in the manual for Aalto. The manual is dated 2016. I connected the KEY "x" to the Oscillator Shape and something magincal happened but I don't know what is being sent on "x". "y" is clearly Timbre (CC74) but what is "x"?

Not sure if this has always been the case, but I'm just starting to use Aalto a lot recently and there are no tick marks in the preset menu showing what folder and preset are current. I've realized this creates some pain cause I do a lot of patch sampling and switching and a lot of time I don't know what folder I was in. Especially if I save and come back another time.

Has this always been the case? I'm using V. 1.92

Thanks for any help. If this is the way it is, I'd making a strong request for folders and presets to be ticked in the preset menu please.

hmmm. wonder if I could please request a mark on current preset please?

I'm so curious about this comparison. They seem very similar. If anyone has experience with both, I would also love to hear comparisons in the experience of playing them.

thanks and best,

Greg K.

I was just wondering if there are any downloadable presets which make use of MPE, particularly using with Roli Seaboard? Would be great to have an MPE bank of presets with Aalto and Kaivo one day!



Ok, thanks! Maybe I'll get inspired to make a bank of preset myself :)

I'm noticing that patching "y" in either Aalto or Kaivo and using MIDI MPE mode that there are some parameters it will effect and a lot of parameters that it doesn't or have completely unexpected results. For instance, I can't get it to drive the sequencer rate. And in Kaivo, the BODY module parameters either don't respond at all, or have unexpected effect or limited range. I'm assuming there may be a good reason for this but its pretty frustrating to have to hunt around for parameters that may work using MPE mode and y (in Roli speak "Slide" or CC74)

Thanks for any clarification or tips,



Thanks Randy, Going to try these things out tomorrow. Appreciate the info. I'm using it in Bitwig and in the process of figuring out the best way to get different CC values into the track since the Roli script that comes with Bitwig installed filters out CC numbers except for those defined as default in Roli's Dashboard. Once I get it working, I'll post back if I discover anything worth posting about! Will check host sync. Maybe that was the issue there.

Hi There,

Maybe this was covered before but I couldn't find mention of it. Have been using MIDI Program Change in Aalto and Kaivo but using a MIDI Programs folder for Virta doesn't seem to work. Is this implemented in Virta?

Thank you and really love the new website!!!

Greg K.

O yes! Thanks and you are correct! Sorry. I think I had loaded presets into the folder when I had my DAW opened and I needed to reload plugin.

I'm having trouble using my MPE controller (Seaboard) to play Virta in Cubase 9. I have it as an Insert in the audio track but I see no way to link MIDI input to it? Is there a way?

Also, what are the steps to get this to work in Bitwig (v2.2.3)? I tried hooking it up the was it was explained in setting it up for DAWs post for Bitwig 1.3.6 but it doesn't work...

Thanks for any guidance on this. Would love to see this working. Cubase and Bitwig are my main DAWs.

Yay! I got this to work using Bitwig's Note Receiver device on the audio track that has Virta on it.

And in Cubase, I was able to add a separate MIDI track and send the track's MIDI output to Virta!

So all good now! Maybe this'll help someone else trying to figure it out...

P.S. someone on a Steinberg forum suggested that VST3 plugins allow MIDI input to them. I hope this is not the only way to do this though...

false alarm, deleting post about crackling. my samples were set too low. My apologies for taking up precious space...

I have no idea what this could mean but when I load Kaivo or Aalto in front of Bitwig's Audio to Mod instrument device (takes audio and turns it in to modulation values), I get this message to send a plugin crash report. It doesn't do this with any other synth I try, FM8, Arcsyn etc...

"Unbalanced PDC Graph: Unable to balance compensation delays in the document graph."

Hi Randy, just heard from Bitwig about this and they say it will be fixed in the next release so i guess that means its something on their end.

Kaivo OSX is still 1.3.0? Thanks for the updates!

Lately, I'm not using any other processor. Amazing stuff. have my keyboard to the side to make alterations. Nothing like it!

just FYI. Virta seems to work fine.

same here. haven't been using the betas cause of demo restrictions as well. happy to wait if its a pain making keys for betas and all.

I know this may be a very basic question but I've spent quite a lot of time trying to figure this out and can't. Looking through both the Virta manual and the Cubase manual.

What is the best way to set this up in Cubase so I can use my keyboard with Virta?

I see the example for Live in the Virta manual and its very straight forward but not obvious in Cubase...

many thanks for any help on this.

Greg K.

no, not for me. Still crashes. But the old Kaivo release version 1.2.1 with .VST extension loads fine.

Mac OSX Sierra...

Its easy. you create an audio track and insert Virta on it. (you have to do this first or the MIDI track won't see the plugin)

Then in the output section in the inspector on the MIDI track's top track tab, select Virta listed in the pull down menu.

Sorry to take up space of you website for this but maybe it could help someone else.

I have a Cubase Pro 8.5 project with Equator, Aalto and Kaivo loaded. Aalto preset alter strings and Kaivo preset acoustic bass. Using 2015 iMac with i7 processor and 24 gigs RAM.

Things were crackling pretty bad and I enabled ASIO guard which seemed to help a little. I also turned off numbers and animation, but its still crackling when I record, mostly. At some point the playback was crackling but that seems to have gone away.

I opened the VST Performance meter and while recording, Equator never goes over 25% real-time peak, but Aalto and Kaivo go past 100% quite often and stay in the upper 25%.

I guess it could be usable if I can get used to the record crackling, but it is very distracting.

Are there any tips for "fixing" this (not sure if anything is actually broken or the synth just uses that much CPU)?

thank you!

Greg K.

thanks Randy! no cracklin' in Virta. But there is a swoosh fairly regularly :)

With VST meter, it rarely goes above 10% Assume once the updates are released, this will affect Aalto as well?

p.s. getting beautiful stuff with simple audio recordings and Virta. Really loving it so far.

I would love to get a little clarity about how to properly set the Roli to get maximum expression from Aalto and Kaivo.

In the manual for Aalto, it talks about +1 and +2 in the Key module, but my interface shows x and y and I'm not sure what these do. Things like this. Would be good to know what channel range I set on the Roli. Probably 2 through 4 for Aalto and 2 through 8 for Kaivo? Is Y actually mapped to CC74 for "slide" on the Roli... Anyways, lots of questions. Roli has a bunch of pages outlining how to set up specific synths but I don't see anything about Aalto or Kaivo...

Thanks for any help!... These are the synths I mainly want to use with my RISE!


Greg K.

thanks again Randy! All clear now...

So in Cubase speak, for Aalto and Kaivo, I'm setting to record CC74 (Brightness), Pitchbend and Aftertouch (or should I use Poly Pressure? Always assumed this didn't have the same meaning being note for note anyways)

And can I assume that velocity (Strike in Rolispeak) is handled the same was as always, as velocity?

Then there is release velocity, the 5th D...

For recording Aalto In Bitwig, it seems like pitch is pitchbend, Y as "Timbre", aftertouch as "Pressure", Strike as "Velocity" and Lift as "R-Vel"

I'm also setting Virta to MPE mode too...

Thanks everyone! Up and running. Much appreciated!