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Just wanted to chime in and say I run Windows 7 (64) and Cubase 6.5.5. I often run multiple instances of Aalto. Stable here.

One thing I have done for a while is run Cubase as an administrator and it significantly reduced any problems I had.


Compared to pan and sustain, the waveguide/delay slider is very sensitive and can be tricky to dial in accurately.

Could you possibly allow more mouse travel/adjust the sensitivity on this slider?

Win 7 32

Sorry but this stuff below bothers me (I'm using a U.K. card)

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Re Aalto for Soundplane.

As Aalto is quite hungry on the CPU, just wondering how it will cope with a potential 10 fingers/voices at once? Aalto lite?

or pc?

Interested how you feel about using the Soundplane for Midi. Soundplane and Midi seems a little bit like driving a Ferrari in a traffic jam?

The Soundplane has much more resolution that midi can take yeah? And having it send out midi will only be done by the client software itself. But using OSC or MAX will be able to handle much more of the expression from the instrument.

Really impressive video and great to see things finally coming together. I love when everyone dives in and there are about 4 hands at once!

Around the 55sec mark, it looks likes each of the grids is free-floating (moves independently), is this the case?
You mentioned that you have two different playing surfaces, the other with a continuous wood grain i.e. no grid. Can you pretty pretty please with sugar on show a demo of that?
Do you have plans for interchangeable surfaces/overlays e.g. piano/guitar/grid layouts.

Once again, many congrats.