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Beating a dead horse, here, but I just want to say that when I made the switch from Mac to Linux last year, I left behind dozens and dozens of plugins (I was already a REAPER user, so no problems there). No more Arturia, no more Omnisphere, no more NI, no more Softube , no more FabFilter (that hurt) . . . I left behind a lot of stuff.

But it's amazing how little I miss most of it (the fact that all the u-He stuff works perfectly in Linux was probably decisive). But I do miss a few things. And Aalto/Kaivo are absolutely at the top of that list. That was a hard, hard thing to leave behind.

So yeah, Randy. I get it. We're a small market. I can imagine it being a pain, if only because targeting "Linux" can mean targeting a 1000 idiosyncratic setups. But man, that would be a happy day for Linux users.