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Many thanks for the beauties randy!
Is there a place to check updates logs?

playtime finally :]

thanks and congrats!

hey there,
make a topic at renoise forum an upload your project file there.
people can help then - its usually works like this.
i can look then also as im also using this software.

its hard to tell you where the things go wrong without looking at your project.

hi all the kaivoheads,
especially Randy.
thank you for such a great instrument!

this is the thing:

i have LFO 2D x/y output to resonator here to accomp the main sequence.
what options on syncing LFO 2D to sequencer tempo in host mode we have here?


yes, that reset works nice.
and i dont sync this beauty to daw often.

my method for those patch was:
tuning the rate by ear for groove.

my groove was in between .06 and .07
and it was hard to catch it!
but that was a great moments! thank you.