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hi all the kaivoheads,
especially Randy.
thank you for such a great instrument!

this is the thing:

i have LFO 2D x/y output to resonator here to accomp the main sequence.
what options on syncing LFO 2D to sequencer tempo in host mode we have here?


Hi there. The only way to sync the oscillator is through a trigger sent to the "reset" input. You could send that trigger from the sequencer, or from one of the envelopes.

Or if those are in use you could send it from a controller using the KEY module. By drawing a CC curve in your DAW you can do the resync wherever you like. The resync will happen when the CC changes from 0 to 1 or greater.

yes, that reset works nice.
and i dont sync this beauty to daw often.

my method for those patch was:
tuning the rate by ear for groove.

my groove was in between .06 and .07
and it was hard to catch it!
but that was a great moments! thank you.