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Would love to see this system adopted into ML's synths!

Anyone using Virta with their Push? Trying to figure out a way to use the keyboard and adjust settings via the Push at the same time. I set everything up as stated in the manual, easy peasy. I can play the Push through a Midi track who's output is sending to the VST in the audio track.

But if I want to change the VST parameters via the Push encoders I have to select the audio track which takes away the keyboard view.

The next thing I figured out is I can use the Map8 M4L device on the Midi track and map to parameters in the VST on the audio track. But as soon as I add the Map8 device to the Midi track the midi output routing section of the channel strip disappears and the keyboard midi data is no longer sending to the VST.

I suspect that I need a midi M4L device that can route the midi to the VST, but I'm having trouble digging one up. Or is there another solution?

Gah, never mind, it just hit me. I need to make a third track, a midi track that is set to the midi input of the "control" midi track and it's output it sent to the audio track. Looks wacky, but it works.