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AALTO is one of my top 5 favorite plugins of all time, so anything related to it is fine by me! I didnt buy Aaltoverb v1 when it was released because I didnt think it`d run on my Windows 7 laptop, but lo and behold.. v2 runs just fine!

I realize Win7 isnt supported, but Im ok with that!

Anyway, thanks for creating Aaltoverb.. and especially AALTO!

I just bought Morgan`s album titled '53'. Great work Morgan! Beautiful music, sounds and noise. The Aalto patches (extracted from the lyrics!) are a lot of fun to play with. Thank you!

FWIW: I just updated Reaper to the latest version and everything is working perfectly now. Just letting you know. :)

Greetings from Toronto, Canada! :)

Aalto (1.8.1) keeps randomly crashing Reaper for me too. It happens when clicking on the preset window.

Also, the preset window often goes blank (no preset names are visible in the window itself), though clicking it will sometimes allow me to choose a preset from the drop-down (but the preset name still doesn`t show). Other times, merely clicking the preset window crashes Reaper.

I`m on a Windows 7 (64bit) quad-core laptop.