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Aalto has quite some tunings different from the equal tempered 12 note/octave one. Any non-equal tempered scale needs a root key, from which the notes are derived.
How does one define the root key in Aalto for a non-equal tempered scale?
Cheers, T.

OK, thanks! I don't know the terminology, but it seems I was meaning the middle note, and not about the overall tuning or the reference note. I have to look at the Scala format, because they must given either in a generic way or for the same middle note. I was thinking that along with loading a tuning say for a C root I can ask to apply it from A, instead.

Hi, I have Kaivo already, but I still need to learn it, so I better ask this question:
Can Kaivo do something like Ensoniq transwaves? My understanding is that transwaves are a series of single cycle waves (that can be harmonically related, or intermediate steps of morphing waves, or whatever way related). Say, one has 128 single cycle waves in a (trans)wave. The oscillator always runs one single cycle wave (within the series) at any time point, but the selected segment can be changed (modulated) with different sources even during a single note by LFO or mod. wheel, etc.. In other words, the starting point within the (trans)wave of single cycle waves can be modulated in steps of the length of the single cycle waves.
I don't know if it is the same as wave table or wave sequencing synthesis, but it can give very nice results if the transwaves are well constructed. https://youtu.be/TRSIIyokpRI , https://youtu.be/aK4gP8uy6lQ . Can Kaivo do something like this?
Cheers, Tibor

Though I don't have a Soundplane yet, I think MIDI output box would interest me more (to drive hw synths without the need for a computer).

Dear Folks,

I am new here. I was reading many posts, but could not go to the end of the sw topics (please add a search function to the forum).
I have a Symbolic Sound Pacarana and an old Cabybara, mainly for scientific reaseach (we excite and detent/analyse audio rate signals in relation to biophysics of a protein). I would now use them also as musical instruments. I was thinking on the Continuum but there were some points against it: price, size and that most probably Kyma/Pacarana can do everything sound- and processing-wise as the Continuum (IS THIS CORRECT?, if yes, why duplicate functionality). The Soundplane is therefore very interesting.

I have few basic questions to improve my understanding of the Soundplane system (some of them must have been unswered - sorry for that).

  • Where can I find more info (manual) on the client software. I would like to see how far one can customise things.

  • Does the user have complete freedom in assigning the pitch to each key? For instance can it be isomorphic (neutral in other name): any accord is played exactly with the same relative finger positions independently from the root note. Or can one arrange the notes as on the guitar or any string instruments? Can one create completely custom layout, I mean freely defining the center pitch for each key (even outside the chromatic series)? Can one save these layouts/assigments?

  • How about custom scales and microtunings? It would be very nice if one could just pick up a tuning scale say in Scala ( http://www.huygens-fokker.org/scala/ ) and layer it on the grid. Or this task is for the instrument, which is played by Soundplane? I think the Continuum and also Kyma can do it, most modern hw and sw synths too.

  • Is there pitch rounding implemented? I mean pitch rounding to the pitches of the selected scale (even if non-chromatic), if any (like in the Continuum). Say, if one wants to play arabic, indian or other ethnic music.

  • How does the client comminucate with Kyma/Pacarana? OSC or MIDI? I thing the Continuum uses MIDI to communicate now with Kyma (earlier there was a faster, higher resolution connection I think). I think internatly Kyma uses MIDI but with the possibility of fractional note numbers.

  • Is there still anything missing from Soundplane-Kyma/Pacarana integration?

Thanks for reading.



Thanks for the detailed reply!

A few more questions on the interaction of Soundplane with hw and sw instruments.

  • How does one play hw synthesizer, which accepts only MIDI? The client outputs MIDI from the Soundplane to the MIDI interface attached to the computer?

  • And sw instruments? How do they see the notes coming from Soundplane? Are ther OSC synths out there? Does the client communicate with Kyma via MIDI or OSC?

  • Can one record a piece played on the Soundplane as MIDI (or OSC) in track in a DAW, say Digital Performer or Reaper?

  • How about playing analogue hw synths with CV input? Could one use MOTU Volta ( http://www.motu.com/products/software/volta ). Are there other ways?

  • Would Soundplane work with Bidule ( http://www.plogue.com/products/bidule/ - it should be able to input/process/output both OSC and MIDI)?