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come check out the new forum/community curated by the monome folks:


we're playing soundplanes too - i swear

cool, thanks.

very excited about the possibility of being able to distinguish adjacent notes with the new algorithm.

yeah normalizing helped after a few attempts...i think i need to practice my normalization skills. is there a video of you going through the normalization routine?

my two cents: the tracking for the top and bottom rows is way worse in the new version. tends to think the press is in the next row inward. tried reselecting carriers to no avail.

my first soundplane song:

happy sunday!

thanks dude! more to come...just getting acquainted with the soundplane...

i just received a soundplane today - i'm really excited to explore this new interface and curious to see what the community here is up to.

i'm having a hard time getting the soundplane to recognize a 2nd press on any neighboring grid position (any of the 8 cells surrounding a held note) as an independent event. instead, the 1st recognized note is 'bent' towards the 2nd. does anyone have any tricks for accomplishing this? special threshold settings or something? it's really bumming me out because it basically makes it impossible to play 'guitar' chords in the 'rows in fourths' mode.

i've tried restoring defaults, selecting carriers, recalibrating, lowering threshold...