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Hi brisket, I have an i5 4590 and use Bitwig and Win10 and it works fine for me (though there is a bug with stuck notes) even with 8 voices and complex patches usually only 50% or so on DSP meter in Bitwig. I believe an i7 should be more than enough for Kaivo especially if it is a recent one. Maybe try increasing your buffer size, it seems to help with the stuck note bug as well.

Thanks for the tip, I don't really know what you mean about fixed buffer size but I'll look into it. I've tried adjusting the audio buffer settings and it doesn't seem to make a difference. But Bitwig handles plugins somewhat differently than some other software so that might be part of the issue.

Even though it doesn't work properly for me at the moment I had to buy Kaivo on sale. Thanks randy, I'm excited to hear more about Virta! You create remarkably inspirational instruments.

Hey Randy, any update on note hangs in Bitwig? I get this in both Aalto and a demoing Kaivo on multiple systems and Windows 7 and 10.

I miss being able to use your great software!

Another Bitwigger here just wanted to confirm the problem with hung/sustained notes as well. Disabling Aalto stops the note but it usually bugs out again rather quickly.

For reference I'm using Aalto 1.7 and I have reproduced the problem in Bitwig through 1.1.10 and the 1.2 beta.