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What everyone else said!

Additionally, note that there's a significant difference between recording of automation parameters in Session and Arrangement views. In arrangement views, any real-time tweaking will be recorded in the automation lane (and can of course be recorded after the fact, in overwrite mode - you can loop, record midi, and tweak away as needed). Then a simple rendering to a resampled audio track will take care of the rest of your needs.

However, you cannot record automation this way to Clips, and therefore this cannot be accomplished in Session View. What's more, without curves, it's difficult to draw-in automation outside of steps and ramps. While there's ways around this involving routing midi, it's clunky to say the least. (Note that interestingly, this even applies to parameters mapped to Live's X-Y routing).

Ableton someone famously claimed this could not be changed (mainly because of the differences also between the way Clip automation records relative % as opposed to the automation lane's absolute values for controls). However, this (and the addition of curves) are promised additions to Live 9, which will make Session View a killer for performance looping / recording.

There's a lot in Live like this - try figuring out how to route and individual Drum Rack pad to an external send - it's a forehead-slapping moment when you do :)

(One last item - you can in fact record a single instrument track to an Audio track by selecting that track as the audio track input - as opposed to setting the input to the default Ext. In or Resampling)

Running Aalto 1.2.1 AU in Live 8.2 (and also Logic 8) on Mac 10.6...

I haven't found a case where the Gate Decay makes any difference in the sound. Even in presets where it's set to something other than a default of 1....

Bug, or am I just an Aalto noob missing something? Maybe it's real subtle. If this were a subtractive synth and the problem was filter q, etc., I (think) I'd know right away :-D

Interestingly, I've watched a few of the Aalto videos where people have twiddled the gate decay and still don't hear it (though with some of those evolving patches it's hard to tell of course).

Thanks - and being my first post, big thanks to Randy and the rest of the team for a creative and inspiring product. Nice to see so many "indies" (U-he, AudioDamage, AudioSpillage, etc.) raising the bar!

Joe Cat

Randy - thanks, and thanks for the fast reply!

That did the trick. It is very subtle. I noticed it was set to 2 on the Aalto Piano Lo patch - on that patch you can hear the difference setting it to 0. It's almost like an additional release control. Should prove interesting with some percussive sounds.

Now I have to try and get some work done while this awesome new toy calls out to be tweaked...

Thanks again - Joe