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Randy, looks like some nice work. Looking forward to it.

Hi Randy,
I hope you've survived the pandemic and are doing well. Hoping for a better and more productive year and health for all. Curious how the new Soundplane is coming. Getting tired of playing Aalto with substitute controllers.
Scott Moon

Glad I read your email. I realized all my Madrona apps have been updated. Thanks and have another nice spin around the sun.

Randy, looks and sounds great. Any coupon codes for owners of your other software available? I haven't seen any email announcements and never hurts to ask. Thanks, Scott


First I've heard of Virta. Looking forward to it.

Winter Sale sounds like a great idea. ;)

I agree with mckenic on the 5v draw issue. Some people don't even have 5v available in their racks.
You might take a look at Vermona's Quad Midi Interface for ideas
While it's a space issue for some racks, it provides a lot of possibilities. Most of the midi interfaces don't provide this many options.
Have you ever given thought to a smaller, less expensive version of the Soundplane? I would buy one ;)