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Super interested. Would htis be true plug and play or still need the Soundplane Client?

Sorry if this has been discussed previously.
I'm loving the GR-1 and trying to get the Soundplane to play nicely with it. I've been in Audio-Midi-Utility-land for a few evenings but can't get it to spit out MPE.

Has anyone advice on getting MPE back out via usb?

I loving all of these alt-instruments!

Feels like Randy was one of the first to break the mould, in decades.

Sumu is going to change my life. For good.

Originally, this was the only thing I really used Kyma for, but as i've said goodbye to that lovely pice of hardware, I'm clenching for the Sumu beta!! Love your work.

I check regularly for any appearances of the Sounplane… seems we're a small, introverted bunch as there's not too much out there. Lets make it a cult!

So anyway, I done one to add to the small pile so far, recorded during a day writing cues for a movie where a man pulls an octopus out of his head.

More please! And post em here? We wanna know what everyone's up to.

Hehe yes I sure didn't miss that one! :)
Moar please!

Randy you have blown my minds.

The main thing I miss about my kyma system (sold in 2017) was being able to do live spectral analysis and then re-pitch the sines live, using the soundplane (although it was easier to do 2 at the same time rather than 11!).

It's pretty much the only thing I really used Kyma for for creating surreal BV's and speech. Actually performed live vocal re-pitching, too. Gutted there's only audio - no video of that. I cannot wait. I may even save for a new cpu to tackle this.

Mac only still ya?

I am looking forward to this SO MUCH that it actually hurts!

Hello everyone!

I've been loving delving into Alto and Virta and the Soundplane.

I have a big nasty plastic PC dedicated just to Madrona.

I'd love to chat with anyone about techniques to CALM the storm that is Aalto as i'm struggling to make expressive, warm and subtle sounds (to be performed soley by the Soundplane) and would love any advice and discussion.

Spending half a day looking through our shared sounds, I did notice that they're almost all harsh, noisy, machine-like and random… one was a hilairous trap: a gently named but offensive wall of noise (you know who you are hah! Well played, sir).

LOL, me… failing to push the "post" button almost a year ago.
People, we need more Soundplane videos up on youtube and on stage… both! Specially technofear… you really sound like you're engaged in making awesome sound.

I think last time I saw one was at an NIN concert!

Definitely looking forward to more discussion on this; for 2017, Aalto's talent at making aggresive sound has mainly been screaming through the SFX in video-post!.

I am trying out an old school mac! lol.

Is it possible to run SP Client inn 32bit?

Techbear and Randy. I have no words. Ya'll are amazing!

I need to stay tuned, I have a RasPi tucked away somewhere back when I was attempting to make a touch controller of my own our of two force sensors!

haha super laughable.

Useful to me too! Thanks! Can't wait to get home and try it.

These technical things always put a big roadblock in the ol' creativity. I'm waiting for Absynth to be able to use the Soundplane.

Thanks so much! Super useful little list!

Does anyone know how the Parava interfaces with the Soundplane?
I can't imagine Soundplane not needing the Soundplane Client.

My ultimate set up would be Sounplane straight into a synth with no need for a laptop on stage. That would be apocalyptic!

All good news to my brainium. After decades of Mac i'm looking at buying a Surface Pro, just for live performance with all of the Madrona Things and also for my illustration job.

Has anyone out there had any experience with the entry level Surface Pro and Kavio? Reliable?

Amazing! Thankyou. I cant wait to go straight to the old moogs with this puppy!
I cant foresee any changes I would make during performance; just a little knob tweakery at the synth and of course peoples perception of ALL THAT IS REAL. Hahaha. No?


Still excited about Splane to CV!
Any updates on this?

Was wondering if there's any possibility of bypassing running a modular synth or a laptop (eg: could load custom calibration data to the module via an sdhc card!).

We were music-geeking up here tonight and all want to get back to performing without cables and extra processing things. That'd be the dream; To perform with the Soundplane; directly controlling an Analogue module or synth without the need for any laptop action!

Love your work R! The soundplane certainly attracts attention!

Haha! Thats so good to know that The Master also experiences this! I quite like the challenge of techniquing out the quirks of a new instrument. Its like learning a violacello;). And I have also been attacking he edges with a little more velocity than other notes.

I am loving spending time with the SP (which I have yet to name), and creating SP specific Kyma instruments. An edge-offset could be handy..

But here's a brain fart: A workaround for me, would be to create a larger zone out of the two lower rows givng a two-row Y position and leaving the top three to the default 4ths. That could be epic! Thanks for responding, R.

So, so good. Randy, I tip my hat to you, sir! There should be an award for elite instrument makers, a few have started to spring up here in London but SP wins (hands down) for beauty and awesomeness and people saying, "what the hell is that?!".. Which we like!

So just a quickie: The extreme sides notes of my plane tend to offset touches inwards, playing ghost notes on the next row or note (row 1 and 5 triggers ghosts on 2 and 4).

I've had a good play every day this month and a hefty fiddle with the lowpass and thresholds. Have you any advice on calibrating this effect out? Should I play around the edges more for a while? Thanks for your hard work in these puppies!

I have been looking for sinple ways to use SP with my Euro. Expert Sleepers does work but its a pain and I get few actual useable notes from it plus lappie is running far too many clients and cables now.. Specially since apple are trying their best to rid us of useful connections!

Oh man, a simple Euro Module with xyz outputs and a couple of offset knobs would be perfect. CV can be duplicated elsewhere. OSC is wonderful, Midi is a bloat. Loading up to three zone layouts and calibration on an sd card or nvram via the Soundplane client is all I imagine a euro person would really need! Cant wait to see how this turns out. :)!

Um . YES! Make mine a double.