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Hi, Im interested in experimenting other tuning systems, a very unexplored field. Obviously Im aware of Harry Partch and the avant garde composers of 20th century music(everybody from Stockausen to La Monte Young), but in less academic circles only Wendy Carlos comes to mind.
But now Im reading this post and Im not sure if I can trust Aalto for this particular thing, these problems are a minor detail or is not recommended to even start exploring other tunings in with aalto (hope not!)?
By the bay, could you recommend non academic music that makes uses of different tuning systems?

hey randy!
I know, if one wants a 303, use a 303! (or clone)
But my idea was more of what you said, creating new acid sounds, taking 303 as a muse but doing new things with a great synth like Aalto.
Your ideas are of great help, i will explore them!
nice anecdote about recreathing Aphex´s Tha, for sure richard also is making acid lines without 303 these days
pd:i changed my username

Hi everybody, new to the forum! im playing with aalto, really great work randy! the interface is genius, new paradigm in modulars, and the sound is superb.congrats!
My first question, to learn more about sound design in aalto i want to make my first acid patches. The original acid machine was a very different thing compared to a modular, the 303 is very simple in synthesis. aalto is a beast with lots of possibilities, not very straightforward subtractive synthesis,but i guess one could make very accurate freak acid patches with it.
Any ideas besides the aalto acid patch?