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Hi Randy let me tell you that your invention is the way to go in terms of musical expression in this new era, I have been looking for a controller or should i say an instrument that make me feel when i am playing it that i`m really expressing all the energy that comes from my hands in it, organic, like an acoustic instrument or maybe beyond because it is made to control electronic devices. the point is that I have been chasing A continuum fingerboard but i think the price is out of my lead, then I saw this page and let me tell you I think you are doing an excellent job, my thought is very simple I like electronic sounds, but I don´t like the controllers in the market they tend to be focus more in a cold way to make music, oposite to that I find your invention to be expresive, intimate and organic. I hope the price won´t be so high when you finish it and start to sell it. on the other hand I think you should leave it blank to let your imagination runs when you put your hands on it, so no Knobs or faders at all
My thoughts
Keep on the good work
from venezuela...Regards