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Yeah, this works perfect.


Thanks Rastkopravi.

In Windows, I only see VSTi as an option. TotalMix is solid. The only raw audio is coming through the track with Virta on it. No matter the send/receive config I try, that raw audio is still there.

In this situation, I think it would work perfect as an FX, you can still send Midi to an FX plugin in Reaper without sidechaining or VST3 or what have you.

I did post this on the Reaper forums, but have yet to get a response... Will report if it's solved.

Do you hear the raw audio underneath the plugin? I'm using a PC, but I can't imagine it being different at this point. Are you selecting Virta specifically as an FX and not VSTi?

The rest of your setup I had, along with a couple other configs. I doubt that this is a Mac vs. Pc thing, but maybe!

I should note that I am using an RME interface and am quite confident that I have the Totalmix setup right.

Using Reaper:

One thing I am running into is the raw audio passing through regardless of Virta's setting. Maybe this is actually intentional, but I don't think so.

Could be how Reaper handles audio going into a track with a VSTi on it since it doesn't differentiate between audio and FX tracks. Might be helpful to have to two versions of the plugin, one as VSTi and the other as an FX, as some other softsynths are doing.


I had the same problem in Reaper; No audio in except through the pre. I don't recall ever having problems running audio into a VSTi before, so I don't think it's inherently Reaper's plugin protocol, but I could be wrong.