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I like how the DCAM synths handle program changes.

Patches can be dragged on top of 127 slots. The slot configurations can be saved and recalled.

Other methods I have seen either require files to be moved into a folder or only allow a single configuration.


I noticed that Aalto is listed in the Zen synth list. I was very excited about this at first, as Zen is a favorite of mine.

For some reason though, I cant seem to save an presets. Is this something that is still in progress and just underway?

Sorry I haven't tried the new version, I will tonight.

I get some REALLY bad DC pops from Aalto that are very hard on my speakers.

This happens most often when I copy a track in Reaper with Aalto on it, the new instance often wont play sound and make big pops. It happens at other times though I haven't pinpointed the issue.

Any idea? I really like this synth but stability is a little disconcerting.

I just ordered the full version. I've been loving the demo.

It would be very helpful to have the modulation outlets as vst parameters where all of the possible routings for that outlet are indexed as an automatable parameter.

I think the number of combinations for each outlet should easily fit withing the vst parameter range right?