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Has anyone here used the Kyma hardware with Aalto.. the Kyma consists of four dap chips, and you can analyze and emulate a lot of instruments, or morph and create totally new and radical sounds. Evidently, the Kyma hardware saves this as an OSC file, that Aalto can play..

I was just researching it, but still trying to get a better grasp on how it all works.

Dear Randy:

Thanx for your acknowledgement, and insight into your work.. When Emagic owned Logic, they were more straight forward about issues.. When Apple, up came that Iron Curtain.. where they would keep you in the dark, and sometimes even delete negative posts about Logic. They would ever admit a mistake or shortcoming..

So your directness and honesty is a refreshing change..

Thank you

Mark Styles

Thank you....

Mark Styles

Thanx everybody

Thanx... I've just downloaded them.. Finally broke down and bought Kaivo, used the demo for a while.. But I'm getting much further ahead, cause I can now save and build on the patches..

I read in another post, you were planning on having a sale in December.. Perhaps you could have a sale both for Aalto and Kaivo. Unfortunately I'm a senior on limited income.. But I have to have these patches..

I go back to the 60's using patch chords on ARP, Aries, Moog, pins on EMS etc.. I was looking at the new analog modules but way beyond my means.. I was hoping for some exotic sound generation to intregate into some somewhat normal arrangements of traditional instruments.

link to some of my music.. You can hear it needs some new exotic sounds.. Here's a link to some of my music - scroll down to bottom of page to hear a wider variety


I get the port conflict message, but Aalto works.. I'm using the demo.. Gonna buy the 'take off the restraints version very soon'..

Love your software.