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...but similar.

I'm adapting a fretless tapping instrument I'm using to its digital counterpart: it consists of 12 strings tuned to a narrow interval, so microtonal chords and arpeggio phrasing become much easier. In comparison with the soundplane, it would sacrifice the y to distinguish clearly those 12 strings as horizontal stripes (also because I don't want to get into anything too complicated).

Asking very generally, how feasible is that for a noob? I have some experience programming in Arduino and SuperCollider, I think I can figure out things relatively quickly, but my building skills are quite poor. Would I also need an 8 audio channel interface?

Also, can the Soundplane be configured to work like that?


Thanks Randy!
"Since you are going more for string emulation, you may be willing to sacrifice the true general multitouch capability of the Soundplane for a one-note-per string solution. This might be easier."

This is exactly what I mean. I tried earlier experiments with Arduino where I would take measurements from two pins at both ends of an aluminium stripe, the problem being with more pressure the value of the closer pin would increment more than the value in the further.
I don't know if there's a more elegant solution to it than using many intermediate pins. This is where I'm trying to draw some inspiration from the Soundplane, but perhaps it's a too different design.