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Just wondering if there are any 3rd party presets for Kaivo other than the ones posted in this forum.
I've done a quick search on the internet but came up with nothing.

Midi Learn in this release?

Impressive list of updates, but will Midi-Learn ever be implemented? I've tried everything to automate in Sonar X3 with my keyboard without success. I really would like performance-type automation without using a mouse please.

Midi-Learn finally added?

In Sonar X3 *Windows 7) , I am not able to change the pitch control with my mouse.
Also Aalto animation is disabled.
Earlier versions of Sonar seemed to work fine in these regards.

Also, I am not able to assign midi learn to any control in X3.
Sonar 8.5 was able to assign midi control, but not since.

Any similar experience out there?


Thanks Randy,

I just discovered that opening a second instance of Aalto returns the ability to change the value and also re-establishes animation.
Still not able to assign midi control for anything though.
Very strange.
I'd really love to see midi-learn for all controls if possible.

P.S. I love the way presets are saved as files within folders.