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hi Randy, I've got a little problem with REAPER:
I made a preset with the 256 band vocoder and when I reload the preset there is no sound coming through virta - virta's meter indicates a signal but no sound at all. If I switch the vocoder preset from 256 to 32 and back again everything is fine.
I think this can't be right:)

Win10/64 16GB i7
REAPER 5.40 64bit
virta 1.3.2

I discovered a problem with Reaper 5.983/64:
if I have 2 instances of Aaltoverb in use/open and close one of their windows Reaper sometime crashes.

Here's the Windows report for the crash:
Problemereignisame: APPCRASH
Anwendungsname: reaper.exe
Anwendungszeitstempel: 5d67e86a
Fehlermodulname: Aaltoverb.vst3
Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 5d5df287
Ausnahmecode: c0000005
Ausnahmeoffset: 000000000023a079
Betriebsystemversion: 10.0.18362.
Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
Zusatzinformation 1: 4aa6
Zusatzinformation 2: 4aa6d1ffdad9fd27e255fd4f4d8f16ad
Zusatzinformation 3: a419
Zusatzinformation 4: a419a05cf54b2ab5452791bdd9e4b465

Weitere Informationen über das Problem
Bucket-ID: 5eee4b9bfc4f0b536d4c9564936a292d (2111226584532396333

Hope the info will help you any further:)

Any news to this bug?
It's still there:(

Aalto is still emitting the demo hissing sound after installing the key file. Not alway but in 1 of five startups the problem occurs.
If I reopen the prject the noise is gone.
I,ve reinstalled Aalto and cleared all .ini files of Reaper but the problem is still there.
It's nothing serious but :-()

Win10/64 Reaper 5.62 Aalto 1.82

Aalto says it's registered correctly but I hear the hissing sound.
I discovered a possible problem: If I click my name a few times Aalto first says everything is ok then thanks for registering and sometimes it reports a problem with the licence.
I don't use any symbolic links or the like.
Kaivo and Virta are working fine.

hi, there is a small glitch with Aalto in Reaper/win7:
If I resize Aalto 1.5.0 in Reaper 4.75 (both 64bit), close and reopen it the size isn't correct. The new size of Aalto is a bit smaller than the surrounding window frame. If I save my song and reopen it everything is fine.
Kaivo doesn't have this 'special feature':)

first of all: this forum needs a search function:)

So here's the problem: I made a simple hihat patch for Aalto with the use of the sequencer for triggering the sound synced to the host.
After a few measures aalto stops for a few ticks then continues but out of sync:(
If I change the buffer size of my host to a different size 256 everything is fine but on lower settings my system starts to creckle on some plugs and with higher values I get problems with my ampsim while recording guitar.
All my other vsti with integrated sequencers are running flawlessly, it's only Aalto which stumbles.


Win7/64 4GB Q8300 Reaper 4.57/64 Aalto 1.41/64