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Aalto is still emitting the demo hissing sound after installing the key file. Not alway but in 1 of five startups the problem occurs.
If I reopen the prject the noise is gone.
I,ve reinstalled Aalto and cleared all .ini files of Reaper but the problem is still there.
It's nothing serious but :-()

Win10/64 Reaper 5.62 Aalto 1.82

Thanks for the report.

When you hear the hissing sound, look in the registration area. Do you see you registered name there, or "DEMO"?

Are you using a symbolic link to manage any of your related files? There may be a problem following the link on Windows sometimes. If this is the case, please describe what you are linking to and how.

Aalto says it's registered correctly but I hear the hissing sound.
I discovered a possible problem: If I click my name a few times Aalto first says everything is ok then thanks for registering and sometimes it reports a problem with the licence.
I don't use any symbolic links or the like.
Kaivo and Virta are working fine.

OK. This is similar to a problem another person had on Windows.

I take then, that you're not using sym links to refer to any of the plugins or license directory?

I have not been able to reproduce this on Windows but I'll review the code and see what i can see.