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Hi Randy (and others),

I have bought Aalto only recently and am extremely happy with it.
Apart from the sound (very analogue indeed), I am particularly impressed with the user-interface, a strong point that I found underreported in the many reviews I read and came somewhat as a surprise. I also think that this sets Aalto apart from the competition.

In particular:

  • the scalable VST-window (with vector graphics): this is such a relief: I use a very large, wide monitor with a high resolution (need to see all those tracks at once), and most of my VST's suffer from a too small window.

  • visual feedback for changing parameters: the small circles that start to glow when a value changes, and the oscillating needles: man, you should patent this!

  • immediate parameter setting: just clicking on a dial gives you instant response (as opposed to gradual progression towards a value with sliders or pots). Likewise, support of the scroll wheel is well implemented.

  • the patch bay is really intuitive to me: small nitpick; it is unfortunate that multiple connections overlap (and that multiple clicks are required to browse through these connections).

I know that sound is the main reason for people to buy VSTi's, but to me, the UI comes in close second (what use is a great sound if it is counter intuitive to create or mangle it?).

I hope that your future projects receive the same attention in that aspect.

Good luck,