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Looks great. Can not wait to abuse it !

Joined that club as well today:) Hope that is all good Randy !

Wow thanks, that will be awesome !

Just got it today, thanks for the reminder :)

I can relate, thanks for the update !

Excellent news ! Very excited about this. Bigup Randy :) No one does it like Madrona labs, I value your instruments just as my hardware eurorack system.

It is been a while since I own it - but Aalto is like a good wine.

The more you use it - the more fun it gets.

It is amazing how I find myself playing with it for hours. I literally lost interest in making tunes, which is ok as I am not a professional musician, instead I am amusing myself. So Aalto is on the same list as meditation - and in the same ballpark as my euro, but you can save presets with something else than camera :D Magic instrument.

Still discovering Kaivo - this is a monster for processing my field recordings, visit to the kitchen with a mic is an adventure in some other galaxy since.

Anyway, thanks Randy (and for the student license!).

I hope that whatever it is - it will have a good ending.

Solid foundation is always the key.

Peace !

Looking forward to this one! Looks like a next great synth.

How about a possibility to edit each voice separately - 4 views one for each voice - so you could have sort of 4 seperate mono-modulars. Of course that would be an extra edit mode not the default one. I like the way things work now, but having an option like that would be fun (discovery pro comes to mind and lush-101).

Other than that - more filters to choose - a good formant one perhaps.

One more LFO and envelope wouldn't hurt :]

Just a wish list hehe.

Yes ! Just spent 6 hours doing presets emm patches, the results are jaw dropping, I love the way everything is modulated in a musical way.

I guess only a hw modular would get you where this thing does. Of course we have reaktor, bidule etc. But Aalto is just so inspiring straight out of the box.

Thank you for this !!!! Aalto was on my list for a long time:]