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Very excited. I'm sure the long wait was worth it! Looking forward to the beta!

@rsdio: You are right. I actually didn't think about the high resolution channels that are available apart from pitch (i'm doing most things via OSC these days). But there would still be the problem of patching all 3 of the parameters inside Aalto as far as i can see (only pitch + 1 control channel). But no worries, the solution with the OSC-input-section sounds perfect to me.

This is a really beautiful design and judging from the demo and specs it seems to be just as expressive as i thought it would be. I've been waiting for this instrument for so long, it's great to see it become real now. Fantastic job :)

I'm starting to save up right now! When it comes to the EU I'll be ready ;)

I've got a question: It seems like you see Aalto and the Soundplane to be very closely connected (as the Soundplane will come with a version of Aalto and Aalto-customers get a discout on the Soundplane). How will Aalto be able to make use of the control signals from the Soundplane? As far as i know, it only has one control signal input and it's limited to the rather small resolution of midi (as you can only pick a midichannel). Are there plans for an update with OSC-control for Aalto? That would completely make my day :D

I think you might be confused by the fact that the reply button can only be found in the original post and not below the last post of the thread, as is usually the case. This confused my too at first, so i know where you're coming from.
You will find that you can reply to any thread by just pressing the reply button in the OP.