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something strange is happening.

I recently upgraded my macbook from a late 2008 to an early 2015 model with I5 2.9ghz, 8gb ram, SSD, OSX 10.10.5, etc.

I installed Ableton 9.5 64bit and proceeded to install Aalto 1.7 64bit.

When I load the plugin on an existing project and start patching stuff, the CPU usage rises from a 15% to 45-50% and I get audio stutters and pops which are making it unusable.

This never happened with my older (and much less powerful) macbook before. So I'm wondering what the cause of this is. Is this a common problem with version 1.7?

I miss being able to use Aalto. :(

Hi Randy,

buffer size is 512. Same as with the old computer.
CPU usage stays the same with the plugin window closed.

But something even weirder has happened now that I was testing to reply to you.
It suddenly works properly. CPU usage is still as high when using complex patches but the audio issues are not happening.

The last 2 times I ran into the problem I described before... Strange.

I'll keep you updated if I ever run into trouble anymore.