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I have a problem with Aalto and Ableton.
When i use Aalto in Ableton, save my projekt and try to load it - Ableton crashes. I use Bitwig for newer projects the last months. But last week i have tried to finish same projects in Live. I can't load any project with Aalto inside.
I have contacted the ableton support already. But no clue by them until now.

Aalto works in Live versions before 9.2. A nightmare - Aalto is heavy in use, 90% of my projects have Aalto.
Btw: Kaivo works fine and have reinstalled Aalto and Live.

Aalto 1.7
Live tested with 9.2.x - 9.5
Windows 10

Intel Core i7-5820k
Geforce GTX 980ti



I have watched some equal issues. A friend of mine and I sync our Ableton Live DAWs with MIDI Sync. But if I recieve MIDI Clock signal input from his machine and use Aalto the cpu usage increases by ~20%. So if i have a big project or multiple instances of Aalto in my project it is unusable.

Windows 7 Home x64 SP1 - Ableton Live 9.0.5 - Aalto 1.4

Maybe this notice helps.