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How's the physical modeling thing coming? Can we hear an audio preview yet?

that's true about Aalto's simplicity - which, the more I play with it, isn't so simple at all. Or at least it isn't a limiting kind of simplicity.

BTW, a support question - how do I transpose the key selected in the key menu? Or do gamelan type scales not support that, so that the interval relationships all shift up or down two steps or whatever? Or am I supposed to do that with oscillator tuning?

To those I will add - put voice 1 to 4 tabs on each modulator, so that 4 copies of each modulator are available even in mono mode. The copy that is in effect when you drag a connection is the one whose tab is showing. Then you could have, say, sequencer 2 modulate sequencer one. In poly modes, when dragging a connection from tabs this way, have a target menu pop up at the destination port to select which voice to apply it to. This could get wonderfully chaotic very quickly by making modulation routings hop and skip across voices.

Agree with pitch transpose on the sequencer - especially if the resulting notes Edit: oh wait, you can already transpose the sequencer, just route both it and the regular pitch to the osc pitch input and it will offset the pitch you're playing.

I'm also waiting for V2 but I want Aalto so bad it hurts. I got the Beat version with one voice and it totally rocks. It has character that stands out and the gui makes it easy to create animated, living patches.

Now that you've informally announced V.2, Any chance of an "amnesty period" for V.1 buyers as of a certain date, so we get V.2 when it's released?