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I have a large eurorack setup and often use my soundplane to control it via expert sleepers silentway software and ES-3. It is a challenge to setup and often doesn't work properly so I would very much be interested in such a module.
The primary feature request I would make is a mode whereby voices are mapped to zones, rather than by order of finger press. In the modular world it is rare to have polyphonic modules. I find having multiple voices active on my soundplane makes it unplayable with my modular because the fingers have to be placed in the right order for the CVs to come out of the correct outputs. 2 voices is manageable but that's it for me. It would be far more useful to have the soundplane divided into different zones, each controlling its own voice. For example, the 5 horizontal lanes could become 5 individual 'ribbon' controller voices. Or the soundplane could be divided vertically down the middle to create 2 large X-Y control pads. Having multiple 'presets' of these different zone/voice combinations to choose from would be very useful.
The most common way I map the soundplane when performing with my modular is to have 1 voice active and CV outs from X, Y, Z along with quantised pitch and gate outs. The gate out on note press is a very useful feature for triggering percussion. I then use the remaining ES3 outputs for weird blends of these CV's to be used as semi-random modulators. My most common patch is X controls pitch, Y a modulator of some kind, and pressure (Z) opens the VCA.

I also agree with the others above that drawing too much power from the 5volt rail can be a problem. I have two of the monome modules and several monome grids and since I don't want to risk overloading the 5 volt rail I use each grid with its own power supply and a special usb adapter sold by monome. It's not a very elegant solution and if the same is required with the soundplane then I would recommend having the option to plug it into the rear of the module (like some of the trogotronic modules).
Happy to be contacted if you want further input.